A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) compress and records the camera images at a certain frame rate, 25 frames per second is real time recording. The recorder is capable of simultaneously display, record and playback the images of the cameras. A DVR is a complete system with advanced technology and a stable operating system; this is the answer to all your surveillance requirements.  
  Embedded DVRís

The embedded DVRís do not use a windows operating system and contains no software on the hard disc. The embedded DVRís is a very stable system, and the playback functions are easy to use but the functions are limited.
Embeded 4 Channel DVR
Embeded 8 Channel DVR
  PC based DVRís

The PC Based DVRís are complete hardware/software computer-based systems incorporating video capture, video multiplexing, video recording (optional audio) and playback. Remote video access is available via the internet.
High Speed Dome Keybord
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