Due to the nature of South African crime, it has become evident that indoor protection is not sufficient anymore. Therefore an early warning system is required to create sufficient time for reaction, once intrusion has taken place. Optex supply Protégé Protection with our outside detectors, which were established in 1979 and is now a world-leading company in the area of security detectors with its unique infrared detection technology. Optex employs a highly reliable dual detection technique which prevents false alarms caused by small animals and birds. Some of the important features that make Optex so reliable:

• Double conductive shielding
• Size judging function
• Advanced temperature compensation
• Sensitivity selection
• Lighting and surge protection
• Adjustable interruption time
• Pet tolerance
• Unique Pyro-Element (New)
• Automatic Sensitivity adjustment in hostile environment (New)
• Vegetation Sway analysis (New)
20-85m Photoelectric Beam
90° Pet Immune Outside Motion Detector
100-200m Digital Photoelectric Beam
90° High Mount Outside Motion Detector
Standard Outside
Motion Detector
180° Pet Immune Outside Motion Detector
Underground MicroPoint Cable Detector
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